Case Management / Treatment Planning

Following the initial evaluation/initial session, treatment recommendations are provided and include referrals to the appropriate level of care if individual private therapy is not deemed to be the appropriate level of care. Familiarity with the South Florida treatment and mental health system allows for a seamless and professional handoff to the most competent and professional providers.

Services included:

  • Creating a custom-tailored Case Management plan with specific goals evaluated and adjusted monthly.
  • In-person support and coaching around general life skills such as time management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, healthy eating,
    employment, education, housing, personal finances, volunteering, 12-step programs, family dynamics, and interpersonal relationships.
    (Approximately 20 hours per week)
  • Long-term Treatment Plan management (coordinating and supporting discharge plans, aftercare programs and ancillary medical services).
  • Drug-screening and 72-hour alcohol panel screen as needed. (Higher-level confirmation testing by a 3′ party may be the patient’s
    responsibility if needed.)
  • Support and assistance for family in person and by telephone during case management program.
  • Weekly individual Sessions with client.
  • Detailed weekly reporting of client progress and ongoing challenges by email or telephone.
  • Unlimited availability for client to process aftercare goals and experiences.
  • Unlimited telephone support for family and client during case management period.