Welcome to Serendipity Psychological Assessment and Treatment, LLC. We believe that in order to receive the most effective psychological treatment, an accurate diagnosis must be provided. For this reason, the first step at Serendipity is for each patient to complete a psychological evaluation comprised on an individualized battery of tests. The results of the assessment will be reviewed with the patient and a treatment plan will be developed. We will identify the necessary services and coordinate care with the appropriate parties in order to create a comprehensive array of services. An accurate diagnosis helps the client, the treating psychologist and other treatment providers such as the primary care physician and psychiatrist. It assists in providing medical professionals with the confidence that they are treating the individual using the most effective medications for their specific needs. Research has shown that combined psychological treatment and psychiatric medications lead to the best outcomes in treating mental health disorders.

What You Can Expect from a Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Dr. Michelle will meet with you for an initial session in which she will gather all relevant history, background information, and current symptoms. It is possible that she will consult with family members, teachers, and/or physicians, with your consent, in order to gather a comprehensive profile of the individual. The type and number of tests given is dependent on the referral question. Dr. Tansman will then write a report which can take a few weeks and another session will take place where she will review the report with you and any of your questions or concerned will be addressed.